Chairmn Word in celebrating the Silver Jubilee

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Dear Colleagues,

Twenty-five years ago, Pyramid Scientific Office was just a vision in mind, your relentless efforts, hard work, integrity and loyalty turned the vision into a reality, and for this, I am sincerely thankful to all of you.

Here we are after 25 years, celebrating our Silver Jubilee anniversary, and rejoicing with the success we reap not only in the local market but also in the international level with our flourishing business in the Middle East.

Today, we are also jubilant for our new expansions as these will improve our position and will bring a lot of new opportunities and success to every member of the PSO family.

Certainly, PSO’s success and progress can only be achieved with everybody’s contribution and the family spirit that we always have.

In closing, let me wish every one of you the best in both business and personal life.