Manapharma Distribution plays an important role in the health care market allowing patients easy access to health essentials. Our distribution service can ensure your products reach your consumers.

We offer a B2B distribution service to ensure product availability and stock level at pharmacies (retail outlets)through follow up of stock, order collection, transfer of goods and payment collection

This service is available in the Middle Eastand Africa, through our offices, local distributors and business partners

32 different categories of trucks are available to suit different product handling standards. All are refrigerated for safe product transportation

Stores follow international standards,and are audited by multinational pharmaceutical companies

Our ERP system handles all distribution operations and export sales reportingmonthly to IMS

The distribution team is highly qualified, monitored, and regularly attend tailored training courses

The distribution service is ISO 9001 certified

Our code of conduct defines the ethical frame work and anti-bribery policy guarantees avoidance of bribery and corruption

Distribution service fees are determined according to the local market price and expenses